Boloria titania

English name:
Titania’s Fritillary
Full scientific name:
Boloria titania (Esper, 1793)
Croatian name:
Planinska riđa

Red Book Category in EU: LC

Red Book Category in Croatia: DD

Wings span: 38-43 mm

Flight Period and Life Cycle

Flight period of Boloria titania
Flight period of Boloria titania

1 brood per year. Overwinters as caterpillar.

Distribution in Croatia

Distribution of Boloria titania in Croatia
Distribution of Boloria titania in Croatia

According to Lorković Z., 2009, the last observation of Boloria titania was dated on 1922 on Lička Plješivica mountain. Check the included map.

External Morphology Characteristics

The upper side of wings is brownish-orange with dark pattern. In postdiscal zone, there is a series of dark spots. On the underside of the hindwing, the dark spots are placed in a distinctive pattern.


Imago feeds with nectar of various flowers.

Caterpillar Host Plants

Polygonum bistorata and family Violaceae.


Meadows with flowers at the edges of woodlands. Elevations: >800m.


Lorković Z.: The Rhopalocera Fauna of Croatia with Special Respect to the Fauna of Plitvice Lakes, Entomol. Croat., (2009)

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