Colias caucasica

English name:
Balkan Clouded Yellow
Full scientific name:
Colias caucasica (Staudinger, 1871)
Croatian name:
Planinski poštar

Red Book Category in EU: LC

Red Book Category in Croatia: NE

Wings span: 50-55 mm

Colias caucasica balcanica, Kninska Dinara, 0722B4986
Colias caucasica balcanica, female, Kninska Dinara, 0722B4986

Flight Period and Life Cycle

Flight period of Colias caucasica in Croatia
Flight period of Colias caucasica balcanica in Croatia

1 brood per year. Overwinters as caterpillar.

Distribution in Croatia

Distribution of Colias caucasica in Croatia
Distribution of Colias caucasica balcanica in Croatia

On mountains only. Check the included map.

External Morphology Characteristics

The underside of the wings has a yellow color, with a more orange tone in the basal, discal, and postdiscal zones of the forewing. On the upper side, the wings appear as a saturated orange color, with a wide dark border along the marginal and submarginal zones. This butterfly closely resembles its sibling species, Colias myrmidone. It is not possible to reliably differentiate between the two species based on the imago’s appearance. However, the distribution and habitat of these two species are different.


When lands, it keeps wings closed. It has migratory abilities.

Caterpillar Host Plants

Family Fabaceae (Chamaecytisus hirsutus).


Woodland clearances, grasslands on the slopes, karst fields and rocky terrains. Elevations: >1000m.


Colias caucasica balcanica (Rebel, 1901) is subspecies in Croatia.


N. Tvrtković, I. Mihoci, M. Šašić: Colias caucasica balcanica (Rebel 1901) in Croatia – the most western distribution point. Nat. Croat. 2011, Vol 20, No 2, 375-385

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