Leptidea morsei

English name:
Fenton’s Wood White
Full scientific name:
Leptidea morsei (Grund, 1905)
Croatian name:
Grundov šumski bijelac

Red Book Category in EU: NT

Red Book Category in Croatia: VU

Wings span: 37-46 mm

Flight Period and Life Cycle

Flight period of Leptidea morsei in Croatia
Flight period of Leptidea morsei in Croatia

2 broods per year. Overwinters as pupa.

Distribution in Croatia

Distribution of Leptidea morsei in Croatia
Distribution of Leptidea morsei in Croatia

North of continental Croatia. Check the included map.

External Morphology Characteristics

The butterfly’s wings are white, with a dark tip at the apex of the forewing’s upper side in males. The underside of the wings is gray, and the cell is white. The forewing is falcate in the v6 zone of the apex. On the hindwing’s underside, a gray band is visible in the discal and postdiscal zones. These features are more prominent in the spring brood. This butterfly closely resembles the Leptidea juvernica and Leptidea sinapis species.


This species flies slowly. It feeds on the nectar of flowers. It often absorbs juices on moist ground.

Caterpillar Host Plants

Family Fabaceae.


Woodland near water streams. Elevations: 100-700m.


Martin Gascoigne-Pees, Duncan Trew, Jim Pateman, and Rudi Verovnik: The distribution, life cycle, ecology and present status of Leptidea morsei (Fenton 1882) in Slovenia with additional observations
from Romania (Lepidoptera: Pieridae), Nachr. entomol. Ver. Apollo, N. F. 29 (3): 113–121 (2008)

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